Water Leak Detection
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Water Leak Detection - for your Home, Business or Landlords

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Water Leak Detection
A leaking water pipe in your home can lead to extensive damage, disruption and expense. Whether your insurance policy covers ‘Trace and Access’ or not, we at D&S Southeast can help. Our experts can find and fix a leaking pipe with minimal disruption, and at a cost that’s affordable.

Water leak detection and resolution in Kent
There are several signs of a water leak. Perhaps your boiler keeps losing pressure, or mould has developed somewhere in your home. Alternatively, you may have discovered a damp patch, or received a high water bill. Whatever the first indication, our expert team will detect the leak and get it fixed without delay.

Time is of the essence when you’re faced with a water pipe leak. A 0.5mm leak could result in losing 20 litres of water every hour, causing significant damage to your property. With D&S Southeast, a technician will be sent as soon as possible, equipped with the necessary technology to locate the problem.

Once the leak has been found, we’ll do what’s necessary to get it fixed. This may involve digging to it, but thanks to our efficient equipment, you can rest assured that your walls, flooring and pipework will be kept intact.

We cover homes in Sevenoaks, West Malling, Maidstone, Tonbridge and further into Kent, Surrey & Sussex. We’re also Checkatrade and KCC Trading Standards Approved, so you know you can trust us to do the job quickly, professionally, and with minimal disruption.

Does your home insurance cover water leaks?
Most home insurance policies cover the cost of leak detection with a ‘Trace and Access’ clause. In such cases, you can claim back the cost of our work and our technicians will advise on how to do this. If your policy does not cover ‘Trace and Access’, you can rest assured that our rates are competitive. There will be no hidden surprises in your bill.

To report a water leak in your property, or to learn more about our leak detection service, contact us at D&S Southeast today.